Coaching Session (Single)


Participate in guided active play, challenging yet age-appropriate activities that target work behavior, or enhance your child’s fine motor skills by creating beautiful craft projects in a fun 1-hour session facilitated by our friendly Occupational Therapist coach.

Choose from our (3) WORKSHOPS: Fitness, School/Pre-school Readiness, Create

=== Fitness workshop: play-based movement class focused on promoting gross motor skills development such as balance, coordination, strength, and endurance

=== School/Pre-school readiness workshop: focused on facilitating better work behaviors such as attention, focus, listening skills to improve participation in school-related activities. Teaching of concepts and other learning activities all done through active, sensorial play to encourage child engagement with emphasis on facilitating speech and language/social skills

=== Create workshop: focused on fine motor skills development by encouraging children to use their hands as they engage in different sensory-rich arts and crafts activities and other fine motor activities

  • private 1 on 1 coaching session
Single 4 sessions 12 sessions
Initial assessment
Certificate of completion
Progress Report

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