Hip Hop/Ballet TRIAL Classes


It’s time to MOVE IT, MOVE IT with Dance Avenue Studio with their Hip Hop and Ballet classes happening on-site at the Fitness Bee gym! For Hip Hop, kids will learn how to pop, lock and break the dance floor with fun beats and high energy movement combinations. For Ballet, kids will learn the proper techniques and postures while working on their coordination, gracefulness, strength and concentration.

For children of all abilities ages 3 to 7 years old. Trial class is 1.5 hours

TRIAL CLASS schedule: March 31, Friday at 5pm 

Kindly read through our  Fitness Bee terms and guidelines to better understand our class policies before classes begin.

By availing this, I have read and agree to comply with Fitness Bee’s terms and guidelines

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March 31 Friday 5pm

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Hip Hop, Ballet


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