Grappling for Kids (Free Trial Class)

This is a FREE trial class on the foundations of grappling as a martial art using a blend of techniques from Olympic wresting, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is for children ages 5-15 years old.

This class will involve the following:

  1. Introduction to the grappling arts
  2. Learning of effective self-defense in a form of play
  3. Learning how to fall properly and move naturally through gymnastic inspired movements
Attire: long sleeved rash guards OR any long stretchable shirt without zippers or buttons, leggings OR jogging pants
Linus Tiu (main coach) -Brazilian Jiujitsu purple belt, Judo black belt, 10 years of experience in Olympic wrestling
Annette Ferrer (asst. coach) – Brazilian Jiujitsu white belt, 3 years of experience in Olympic wrestling


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Sept 16 (Friday) 5pm


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