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Fitness Bee presents “Adventure Camp” – where kids of ALL abilities can engage in active play experiences, learn and improve their motor skills, meet and socialize with new friends while having FUN! Embark on an exciting fitness and learning experience with themed tasks and activities in our Play Academy classes from February to April! Pack your bags and bring your enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity as we embark on this exciting fitness experience through Play Academy’s Adventure Camp with mini themes such as Dinosaur discovery, Space exploration, Robots, Heroes and ninjas, Animal safari and more!

Ages 1 – 2: Classes for this age group will allow your kids to engage in safe, yet meaningful, rough and tumble play, as well as more structured activities to enhance motor, language, and social skills. Your children will have opportunities to learn and engage in play alongside peers through different creative sensory exploration.

Ages 2 – 3 and Ages 3 – 5: Classes for these age groups will allow your kids to engage in active, purposeful play activities as well as more physical exercises to enhance motor, language, and social skills. Your children will have opportunities to learn and engage in team/cooperative play alongside peers through games with rules, age-appropriate and challenging tasks as well as friendly competitions. Fine motor skills are also targeted thru creative craft projects. 

Inclusions: face-to-face sessions (90 minutes each) with other classmates and facilitated by a friendly Occupational Therapist coach

  • 15 mins self play
  • 60 mins coach-led class
  • 15 mins self play

Class meets once a week. For safety measures we will accommodate a maximum of 6 kids only per time slot. Only 1 guardian per child will be allowed inside gym area.

*Please note: NO classes on Apr. 7 and 8 (holy week)  

Kindly read through our Play Academy Live Guidelines and Policies to better understand our class policies before classes begin.

By availing this, I have read and agree to comply with Fitness Bee’s Play Academy Live Guidelines and Policies

In years and months (eg. 2y 5m)

Additional information

Class Duration

6 weeks, 12 weeks


1-2 y/o, 2-3 y/o, 3-5 y/o, 2-4 y/o


Feb 3 – Mar 10 (Fridays) 9:30am, Feb 3 – Apr 28 (Fridays) 9:30am, Feb 4 – Mar 11 (Saturdays) 12nn, Feb 4 – Apr 29 (Saturdays) 12nn, Feb 4 – Mar 11 (Saturdays) 1:30pm, Feb 4 – Apr 29 (Saturdays) 1:30pm, Feb 6 – Mar 13 (Mondays) 10am, Feb 6 – Apr 24 (Mondays) 10am, Feb 14 – Mar 21 (Tuesdays) 11am, Feb 14 – May 2 (Tuesdays) 11am, Feb 14 – Mar 21 (Tuesdays) 4pm, Feb 14 – May 2 (Tuesdays) 4pm, Mar 20 – Apr 24 (Mondays) 10am, Mar 17 – Apr 28 (Fridays) 9:30am, Mar 18 – Apr 29 (Saturdays) 12nn, Mar 18 – Apr 29 (Saturdays) 1:30pm, Feb 27 – Mar 3 (Mondays) 4pm, Mar 28 – May 2 (Tuesdays) 11am, Mar 28 – May 2 (Tuesdays) 4pm, Apr 11 – May 16 (Tuesdays) 9:30am, Apr 10 – May 15 (Tuesdays) 12nn

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  1. Sophia

    Perfect for kids with special needs

  2. Sophia Bell Dee

    Interactive summer Place

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