Play Now, Talk Later (ONLINE)


Play Now, Talk Later is a 2.5-hour ONLINE seminar-workshop dedicated to expecting parents and parents of young children who want to learn more about how they can develop their child’s language and communication skills. By the end of this talk, parents will learn about

  1. Important speech and language milestones
  2. Language stimulation techniques
  3. The importance of PLAY and how they can use this to improve language and problem solving skills
  4. Language-rich activities to try at home
  5. How to use everyday routine as opportunities to teach language, social skills, and cognitive skills
  6. How to raise bilingual children

and so much more!

Our speaker for this event is Ms. Robyn C. Rodriguez, Speech and Language Pathologist, author of Gail and Pablo book series, and soon-to-be mom of 2.

This event will also include a question and answer portion, as well as a segment for demo and return demo for skills practice. Handouts for this talk will also be provided.

Event Details:  April 1, 2023, 5-7:30pm, ONLINE via Zoom


Kindly read through our  Fitness Bee terms and guidelines to better understand our policies before the event begins.

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