Updated on February 4, 2023


Enrollment to our Wushu class is on a MONTHLY basis. Full payment is required in advance for our monthly classes. A student is considered officially enrolled upon full payment. A 2-week grace period will be given for re-enrollment. Re-enrollment after that will have a corresponding late payment charge.

No refund is allowed if a student decides to discontinue for whatever reason.

Make-up lessons shall be arranged should Wushu Genesis Philippines (WGP) needs to cancel a class due to unavoidable circumstances.

Absence not due to medical reasons shall automatically mean forfeiture of lesson for the day and should be understood and counted as a regular lesson given.

If there are sessions you are sure to miss for personal reasons (ex: family vacations, other activities, etc.), please advise us upon enrollment/re-enrollment so that we may give you the prorated rates corresponding to the number of sessions you are committing to for the month.

To avail of the prorated rates, enrollees must advise us UPON ENROLLMENT/RE-ENROLLMENT as
there are no make-ups for missed sessions that are not due to medical reasons & supported by a
medical certificate. Please note that we do not allow carry over to the succeeding month for payment
made for the current month.

ABSENCES DUE TO MEDICAL REASONS (Injuries & hospital confinement):

In case of absences due to medical reasons such as confinement in the hospital or injuries, please
present a medical certificate, and we would gladly accommodate you for a make up class when your
child is able to engage in physical activity again.


Students should sign in the attendance sheet & wear their corresponding sash every training. Failure to
do so has a corresponding consequence.

Thank you & we hope for your kind understanding & adherence to these guidelines.