for Kids of All Abilities

Who We Are

We are a neighborhood of fitness gym for kids of all abilities, providing a safe space for play exploration and participation to enhance motor skills as well as promote health and wellness in children through exercise and play.

Featured Classes

Play Now, Talk Later

Play Now, Talk Later is a 2-hour seminar-workshop dedicated to expecting parents and parents of young children who want to learn more about

  1. Important speech and language milestones
  2. Language stimulation techniques
  3. The importance of PLAY and how they can use this to improve language and problem solving skills
  4. Language-rich activities to try at home
  5. How to use everyday routine as opportunities to teach language, social skills, and cognitive skills
  6. How to raise bilingual children

Wushu Classes

Learn the art & skill of Wushu- a contemporary Chinese martial art that blends elements of performance and martial application. This martial art emphasizes quickness, explosive power and natural movement.

Open for kids of all abilities ages 2-5 years old and 6 & up (divided into age groups)

Play Academy

Fitness Bee presents “Adventure Camp” – where kids of ALL abilities can engage in active play experiences, learn and improve their motor skills, meet and socialize with new friends while having FUN! Embark on an exciting fitness and learning experience with themed tasks and activities in our Play Academy classes from February to April!

Summer Sportsfest

Engage in friendly competitions, challenging obstacle courses, team relays, and other fun sporting activities! This is a prefect opportunity for kids to learn about and experience teamwork, cooperation, and good sportsmanship! Special classes start this coming March.

Our Services


Small group classes focusing on promoting play & social skills, sensory exploration, physical fitness, motor skills, and school preparedness. Conducted by our licensed occupational therapists and early childhood educators.


Comprehensive assessments and individualized intervention programs for children with special needs. Conducted by our licensed pediatric occupational therapists and speech & language therapists


For typical developing children who need one-on-one sessions or small private group sessions to address specific motor skills and school-related skills. Conducted by our licensed pediatric occupational therapists.


FitnessBee gym is for everyone, both children and those children at heart! Enjoy exclusive playtime with close friends or play alongside others and make new friends.

Private Events

Exclusive use of the entire FitnessBee gym through any of our private packages. Enjoy a simple play date or even celebrate a special milestone safely at FitnessBee.

Virtual Events

Celebrations and interactive learning experiences don’t have to stop during this pandemic! We conduct virtual parties hosted by our friendly OT coaches.

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