Connecting the Dots (Handwriting Program)


Is your child struggling with legibility and penmanship? Improve your child’s handwriting through fun exercises, active games, sensory-rich activities, and meaningful writing practice with our new Connecting the Dots Handwriting Program!

Developed by our resident OT program director and facilitated by licensed occupational therapists, this class is specifically designed for children of all abilities ages 5-7 years old having difficulty with writing neatly and legibly.

Connecting the Dots Handwriting Program aims to:

1. Strengthen important muscle groups necessary for better handwriting

2. Develop necessary fine motor and visual skills relevant with handwriting

3. Improve letter alignment, size, spacing, and neatness

4. Teach correct letter formation

5. Develop interest towards handwriting

6. Teach parents specific strategies to promote better handwriting during practice at home.

Inclusion criteria (enrollee MUST be)

o At least 5.1 yo until 7.11 yo

o Able to participate in structured activities (movement and/or tabletop) for a minimum of 15 minutes independently

o Able to recognize and identify most uppercase and lowercase letters

INCLUSIONS: (8) sessions (90 minutes) with worksheets and (1) ABC Fitness card kit

Kindly read through our Guidelines and Policies to better understand our class policies before classes begin.

By availing this, I have read and agree to comply with Fitness Bee’s Guidelines and Policies

In years and months (eg. 2y 5m)

Additional information


Mondays 4-5:30pm (Aug. 8-Sep. 26), Saturdays 11:30am – 1pm (Aug. 13- Oct.1), Thursdays 2:30-4pm (Aug. 11- Sep. 29)


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