School Readiness Program

Participate in circle time, sing and dance along with new friends, create fun projects, and actively engage in movement-based storytelling sessions in our new in-person School Readiness Program!  While school readiness is usually associated with academic skills such as writing, counting, and identifying shapes and colors, it is actually more than just that! With Fitness Bee’s School Readiness Program, our goal is to help your child TRANSITION and ADAPT smoothly into the school setting by helping your child develop a whole range of skills — language and social skills, understanding feelings and regulating emotions, physical skills, attention and concentration, self-esteem and self confidence, play skills, and MORE! This is open for kids ages 2.5 – 4 years old.

Inclusions: 6 face-to-face sessions (90 minutes each) with other classmates and facilitated by an early childhood educator/ licensed professional teacher.

  • 15 mins self play
  • 60 mins coach-led class
  • 15 mins self play

Class meets once a week.

For safety measures, we will only accommodate a minimum of 3 kids and maximum of 6 kids per time slot. Wearing of mask is required & only 1 guardian per child will be allowed.

Kindly read through our School Readiness Guidelines and Policies to better understand our class policies before classes begin.

By availing this, I have read and agree to comply with Fitness Bee’s School Readiness Guidelines and Policies

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