Occupational Therapy Session


1 hour session that includes the following:

  • One on one therapeutic activities with a licensed pediatric occupational therapist (~ 45- 50 mins)
  • After-session parent/caregiver feedback to discuss skills targeted and activities done during the session (~ 10 mins)
  • Short handwritten notes for session record (~5 mins)


*** NOTE ***

For FIRST TIME clients without any prior assessment/s from an Occupational Therapist, we encourage you to avail of our Occupational Therapy Comprehensive Assessment first before booking any therapy sessions with us. This is to allow your child’s assigned OT to evaluate your child’s skills thoroughly and create an individualized OT program suited to your child before starting with interventions.

Kindly review our  Fitness Bee Terms and Guidelines prior to booking.

By availing of this product, I agree to comply with Fitness Bee Terms and Guidelines.

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    Very good

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    Very Good.

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