Skills for Success Workshops


Is your child curious, creative and has a love for learning? Our skill-based workshops are the perfect way to channel that energy into exciting activities that develop valuable life skills! Enjoy an hour of fun and engaging workshop session of your choice facilitated by our friendly Occupational therapist coach. 

Choose ONE from our (4) WORKSHOP topics:

== Motor Skills workshop:  focused on promoting gross motor skills development such as balance, coordination, strength, and endurance as well as fine motor skills such as hand dexterity, strength and age-appropriate grasps. 

== School Readiness Skills workshop: focused on facilitating better work behaviors such as attention, focus, ability to follow instructions appropriately as well as listening skills to improve participation in school-related activities. 

== Life Skills workshopfocused on teaching basic hygiene practices like washing hands and brushing teeth, communication skills, socialization, self-care skills like dressing themselves and feeding, as well as safety skills like identifying and processing potential hazards and problem solving during dangerous situations. 

== Social Skills workshop: focused on learning how to initiate conversations, taking turns, and being a good friend.
Encouraging kids to use clear words, do active listening, and understanding body language of others. Learn how to identify feelings, express them healthily, and build empathy for others.

Kindly read through our Guidelines and Policies prior to booking.

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Instructions for booking:

  • Please book/add to cart each desired session date separately, to book all your preferred schedules. See example below
    • Select July 21 Thursday $ 3 (to 4pm) $ click Book Now then…
    • Select July 28 Thursday $ 3 (to 4pm) $ click Book Now. Repeat until all desired session dates are selected then proceed to Checkout


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